24.7 Support


24.7 Helpdesk Support

Support for Both PC and Mac Systems

Your workstations are the backbone of your business – yet 22 minutes of the average workday is wasted dealing with IT-related problems.

Whether you use Macs, PCs, or both, your systems require continuous maintenance and attention. Our IT experts are operating system agnostics – we don’t discriminate and will work with your preferences, not ours.

Patching and Maintenance

Place your business network in expert hands so you can focus on daily operations. Our tech engineers research all the latest patches and system updates. We vet every release to make sure nothing interrupts your workflow, even us!

We will install and customize your system updates remotely. No waiting for us to arrive, no wasted time while take over your workstation.

Proactive Monitoring

Our engineers will provide proactive monitoring, continually monitoring the stability and security of your IT system for maximum uptime, 247.

Priority 1 Critical Emergencies will be investigated and escalated to minimize downtime and keep your employees working.

Monitoring tracks and maintains your desktops, routers, leased lines, and networks from a centralized console. This service is non-intrusive, won’t interrupt your IT operations, and keeps your IT assets running securely and efficiently.

Vendor Client Management

As part of the monitoring process, during times of systems down, like a leased line, you can leave us to be the link between your client and the vendor.

We will work with the vendor to understand the issue and communicate that information back to you or your clients until the incident is resolved.

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