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Experienced Business Partner

When you partner with The Support Force, you will be gaining a business partner experienced in the provision of white labelled support services that will deliver distinct improvements in your customer satisfaction levels with your services. Guaranteed.

Access to IT Professionals

The Support Force immediately provides your business with access to our team of IT engineering professionals located at our NOC in Cape Town, South Africa. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, there’s no expensive setup costs and there’s no more struggling on without the right level of resource in your business. Simply take immediate advantage of our size and scale to complement and grow your business.

Whether you use Macs, PCs, or both, your systems require continuous maintenance and attention. Our IT experts are operating system agnostics – we don’t discriminate and will work with your preferences, not ours.

Complete Service

We provide a complete service to resolution, only involving you when there is an absolute need, or there is an opportunity for you to provide additional services, such as on-site work, commissioning, project or project management service.

In partnership, we free your valuable time away from mundane day-to-day service requests so that you can focus your time and valuable resources on higher-margin opportunities.

Cost Saving

We’ll save you money each year through help desk outsourcing whilst at the same time providing you with a world-class help desk support across your business and importantly to your most valuable asset, your customers.

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