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Our Story

The Support Force has been in the business of providing support desk services since 2000. With our knowledge and experience, we are perfectly positioned to provide exceptional white labelled services to your customers as part of your extended team.

One of the attributes that we feel, based on customer feedback, sets us apart from the rest of the competition is how well our support team sets its focus on becoming part of your team. We have engineers that have been with The Support Force for over 8 years, with the longest-serving engineer starting in 2006. Ashley, the owner, is a founding member back in 2000.

The Team

The Support Force offers a quality of service that is second to none. Our service is what we pride ourselves on and what sets us apart from our competition and have been doing so since 2000.

Our team is highly skilled and is key to all of our services and is first and foremost in the delivery of everything we do. With these values at the forefront of our operations, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Customer feedback and testimonials demonstrate confidence in our abilities.

We employ full-time professionals providing the following skill sets and capabilities:


These are very skilled individuals who lead other highly skilled individuals and overview major projects. At The Support Force, we ensure that we hire the best. We do this by selecting potential employees who have excellent Communication, Leadership, Team management, Negotiation and Personal Organisation skills.


The Systems Engineer is at the forefront of the technical strategies as they provide the technical skills to achieve and align business goals. Lead technical and very hands-on, they are highly skilled at project implementation and complex troubleshooting, providing the broader support team with high-level support and mentoring.


The responsibility of the System Administrator is for effective provisioning, installation, overall operation, constant maintenance of hardware and software and ongoing innovation within the IT infrastructure. The Support Force’s System Administrator will go above and beyond to ensure your business’s IT is managed effectively and efficiently.


This is the support team that is responsible for the Helpdesk and Desktop Support. With excellent customer service, they provide the first level of contact, helping to deal with any customer issue and identifying and reporting any problems to the desired area.

We strive for excellence and deliver a personalised service through the entire process to ensure our clients are completely satisfied, every time. 

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